Who we are

The Twenty years experience in the pharmaceutical and chemical world of our members and consultants, combined with attention to quality and the achievement of results, always in accordance with our customers' needs, constitute the main advantage that allows to propose as:

your suitable partner for the development of a project starting from the engineering phases up to the commissioning and qualification.

In short, The main dates that have characterized the history of the Company and the Group are listed below.

      • La Engineering Projects Consulting srl (E.P.C. srl) born in 2014 as a natural evolution of the General Projects present since 1995 in the sectors ofindustrial engineering and technical assistance for chemical plants, electric and oil.
      • In 2015, activities extended to new sectors Which pharmaceutical and chemical allowing the E.P.C.. srl to offer itself as a consulting and technical assistance company for national and international customers.
      • From 2018 the E.P.C. srl lends its own scommissioning and qualification services (coordination, management and execution) in national and international projects on behalf of and with major engineering companies and with major pharmaceutical companies such as GSK (Marburg, OF), TEVA (Ulm, OF), Bracco (Toriviscosa, IT) etc.
      • From 2019 the E.P.C. srl projects, manufactures and starts HVAC systems for the pharmaceutical API sector by creating a network of collaborations with specialized plant construction companies.
      • From 2020 the E.P.C. srl manages and carries out activities of Maintenance for HVAC systems and re-balancing preparatory to re-qualification activities.
      • In January 2021 apre la Engineering Projects Consulting GmbH (hereinafter E.P.C. GmbH) with the aim of developing the German market also through administration activities through the German AÜG authorization.