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commissioning qualification

Functioning and documented systems


engineering approach well planned, documented and managed for the start-up and turnover of structures, systems, services and equipment to the end user, who satisfies the design requirements established and customer expectations.
EPC is the ideal partner for the activities of Commissioning of systems, equipment and systems.
Specifically, we assist you in the activities of: 
  • Organization and coordination of commissioning activities
  • Preparation of Commissioning Master Plan (CMP)
  • Preparation of GMP oriented Commissioning protocols to support leveraging activities by Qualification
  • Execution and assistance of verification and balancing tests 
  • Assistance during FAT and SAT
  • Interdisciplinary coordination for construction and engineering
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Our qualification it is n process to prove e document that the production facilities, systems, facilities andcritical equipment are suitable for their intended purpose.


THEIn accordance with the needs of our customers, our services are divided into the following activities:


  • Preparing User Requirement Specification (URS)

  • Preparation Validation Master Plan (VMP)

  • Preparation and execution of protocols:

                               - DQ (Design Qualification)
                               - IQ (Installation Qualification)
                               - OQ (Operational Qualification)

  • Preparation and execution annual requalification protocols.

  • Instrumentation Calibration 

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